Behind The Brand

Two Hispanic/Latina women who offer a flavorful twist to the original “chamoy” #thickerthanyouraverage
Roxy and Jazmin want to show their children hard work and good works is how you achieve goals in life. They were both shown at an early age “you have to work hard to play hard” by their parents. Both Roxy and Jazmin were fortunate enough to have parents who not only were amazing providers but teachers/mentors as well. It’s very custom in the Hispanic community for “women” to stay home and keep house. These ladies are both blessed to have grown up being pushed to be more! Their Moto in life is “Has todo lo que puedas, lo mejor que puedas“ Translated in English; “Do all you can, the best you can”

We hope you enjoy our treats as much as we do and bring your own twist to your favorites with our chamoy!
Sarape Treats!